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There are approximately 40 years in the market derived from cassava products, Lotus Trade and Industry Cassava Products Ltda. It was founded in the 70s.

Conceived by the Baldo family whose roots are set in the city of Cândido Mota, São Paulo's main product manioc starch.

With the death of Mr. Baldo Alcir Clovis in 2013, the company began to be administered by the remaining partners Oscarlina Guiotti Baldo and Alexandre Baldo.

The industry is located on Highway Francisco Gabriel da Mota, Km 2, in the city of Cândido Mota, in a land area of ​​125,600 square meters. Its production capacity is 875,000 kilos of cassava starch per month. The starch Cassava Lotus, trademark of the company, is a product used in the manufacture of paper, cardboard, glue, tape, and also used in the textile industry and the food industry for sausage production, sausage, bologna, pasta.

With own laboratory and skilled technicians for analysis of its products and a strict quality control implemented in the production line, it has been growing year by year and winning customers throughout Brazil.

Another factor that makes the company to be a modern and innovative industry is the respect it shows for the environment with targeted policies for sustainable initiatives such as the use of eucalyptus wood chips and a digester that turns vegetable water gas serving as fuel for boilers thus reducing the emission of carbon dioxide. Also, with the same goal, carries rainwater harvesting for various activities at the plant, which, in addition to reducing costs, reveals awareness of the need to preserve natural resources.